By Alex Chornyj                   

Warmth That You Encircles


The dream that came

The one that stays

Which keeps on repeating

Until you walk in the footsteps.

One day you’re by a river

See a fish splashing

Observe a bird from high above

Using speed and agility,

To provide sustenance

For its precious young

Now the vision fades

So begins another.

This one replays

Is it a pattern?

Or just coincidence?

An answer is forthcoming.

Once more you’re in a forest

This time you find a newborn

Chirping as it fell from its nest

You return it to the concerned parent.

Again you fall asleep

Only to see an image

Within you this remains

Until a vividness,

Passes through a portal’s door

Then you’re visiting your mother

She looks into your eyes

As you tell her this story.

She says you were granted wisdom

Part for comprehending

The spokes on a cycle’s wheel

Part for an unselfish altruism.

So you kiss your mother’s cheek

You gently grasp her hand

She smiles at you sweetly

With a warmth that you encircles.

Her kindness is your endowment

Which you offer to a crying child

Who you happen upon

Whose innocence reminds you of a former dream.