Alon Dy                   


A Nurse
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

When all of your loved ones are gone
And you're waiting for the doctor to come, 
I'm the one that you're getting angry at
'Cause you see me coming around.
Instead of hating you or getting mad, 
I try to show you how to understand.

Though I'm not a doctor to save someone's life, 
I 'll sit close beside you and I will listen
To your complaints, suffering, and pain
Somehow, I may take away all your fears.

Though I'm not a doctor who prescribes medicines, 
I'll serve you with tender loving care. 
For me, that's something I should be proud of.
Even in your slightest discomforts, 
I am with you always
Making sure that you're alright, 
As you're taken care with love and respect.

I am the one who believes in miracles
With my soft and gentle voice, 
I bring you love and hope, 
Render you my skillful care, 
And show you my priceless smiles.
I am the one that comforts, 
Stands and cares for you.

The one who dares to touch your hands
In your delicate moments
When you're feeling lonely and hopeless.
I'm the one who lets you know 
That I will stay close beside you
When there is no one to embrace you.

Yes, I am the one with white uniforms.
A nurse with a caring nature
Who has compassion and empathy for others.
An advocate nurse
That the ultimate goal on earth is
For the best of the human race.

I AM Alon Dy 
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

I am Alon Dy
Son of Mila and Tong Dy, 
Brother of Kissy and Milton Dy, 
Who loves his wife and his family.

I am a nurse
Who touches the hearts and minds of the patients, 
Who stands and fights for what is right, 
Who knows his limits as a nurse.

I am a dreamer
Who has always option one, two and three
I never quit, as it is not in my vocabulary.
Just because others cry and give up,
Doesn't mean I will too.

I feel bad that some people are ignorant
Talking shit behind your back like this and that
These people need to realize, 
I do not mind and I do not care.

Backbiting, prejudice and hatred, 
These are negative attitudes that need to get rid of.
Trust me, people still change and
Do this now while there is time.
So please, it is not too late.

Once again, I am Alon Dy
Who fears no one except God.
I understand I cannot please everybody
I admit I make mistakes sometimes
I say sorry, but still, 
Need to love each and everyone.

I am aware I have many friends.
I know I select only few.
I understand, yet wonder why I'm like this.
It's plain and simple, 
Few of them are true.

What is love for me?
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

"Love is blind," as they say.
Others define it as insanity.
But if I ask you, 
What is love to you?

I say, 
Love is an open sky
Which one can fly away
And no one can stand the way.

Love is everywhere
It's for everyone.
It's simple and true, 
Yet full of complex situations.

Love is sweet
Like a snicker bar with peanut.
When one is broken-hearted, 
Heart can mend.

Love is an act of kindness.
It doesn't count how many mistakes
Your partner is committing.
In other words, 
It knows how to understand and be forgiving.

Perhaps love is a natural gift, 
As one can't live without...
It has many versions.
Always depends, 
In one's convictions.

Love is a never-ending feeling.
It continues to live everlasting.
Imagine life without love, 
How we'll be able to survive?

I Still Love you
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

I still love you even though it's hard to explain
These feelings I have for you will always remain.
Even if I'll cross the river or climb the mountain, 
I still love you and I'll take the challenge
'Cause my love can slay a mighty dragon.

I still love you even though you're mad
or sometimes you're hard to understand.
I'll still hold my head up and be proud
'Cause once in lifetime I got
The most beautiful woman in the planet.

Although my pride is high, 
Hurts you most of the time
or makes you cry all night, 
I still love you like sunshine.
I still love you even though we fight.

I still love you 'cause you'll never let me go.
I still love you 'cause I know you love me too.
I still love you 'cause it's the most wonderful feeling I have.
I still love you 'cause you know I'll be by your side.

I still love you...
Now and forevermore.

When we are together
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

When we are together, 
I remember the things we used to do.
We share stories the first time when we first met, 
Dining together at the classy restaurant, 
Again, eat foods whenever we pleased, 
Caring for each other like our last minute, 
Going wild as beasts when we make love, 
As well, that loud laughter we have had
Until now, I still imagine and cherish.
Wow, how could I ever forget all these?

When we are together, 
The flame of love is burning us
Like a third degree burn.
Our hearts beat as fast as
The speed of light, 
All our desires in life come alive, besides
Everything seems right and perfect, 
You and I collide, yet together as one.

Altogether, we are like superheroes
You're a superwoman and I'm a superman
We can do anything we want
We can make a rainbow as bridge to the moon, 
Stop the world from spinning around, and
We can rule the world.

When we are together, 
Not all the things in the world are the same.
Look at the twilights of the sun, 
It is shining so bright.
The moon, the stars, and angels from heaven
Even birds, are singing our names in the sky above.

When we are together, Gre pearl
All of our dreams come true.
When we are together, my love
The whole world is ours.

God Knows
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

God opens doors of opportunity that
No one can close.
Do not be upset
When you encounter troubles
Good things will happen in our lives.
Leave all deadly sins behind
Including jealousy and hatred.
Be faithful to Him and
Do the righteous ways.
Even though someone
'Put your life in danger and in sorrows'.
Be happy each day and
Learn how to forgive.
He knows our desires before
We even know them.
Learn how to appreciate
His Almighty blessings.
Indeed, we will be able to thank Him
With all our hearts and
With all our souls as
He works in a mysterious ways.
Therefore, God only knows what
No one can predict.
Be thankful each day and
Live happily.

A Lie
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

My father approached me by surprise
Telling me, he wants to go to a Casino.
Yet, he would like me to tell a lie.
I said to my father, 
'My mother needs to Know...'

My friend called me by his mobile
To tell to his girlfriend he was on a meeting
But he was on a dating.
I confronted my friend.
I said, 'Better inform your girlfriend
'Cause I just can't tell another lie.'

My wife told me yesterday.
She said, 'I am sorry.'
But when I looked into her eyes, 
I saw lack of sincerity.
I told my wife, 
'Hey, you can't lie to me.'

Now I ask myself, 
Why everyone needs to lie? 
'Cause it's a lie, I hate.
'Cause it's a lie, I don't want it.
'Cause it's a lie, I can't forgive.
'Cause it's a lie, I can't forget.

After all, a lie is a lie.

My greatest Aunt
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

I'm so blessed
To have an aunt like you
Who is kind and always there
Whenever I feel depressed
And long for a real friend.
Knowing you're here for me, 
Thank you for the endless love.

But the truth is, I feel sad
'Cause you're far away to me now.
You know how much I miss you, 
Care for you, and love you.
Although I'm sad, 
I never feel bad.
Just as long as you're safe now, 
I'll be happy for you.

I'm certain, 
God will guide you all the while
And through the years to come
For you are, a wonderful person.
Even your newest friends in town
Will stand tall, as they're proud.
They've found a true treasure
in their lives, that's a friend!

Although you miss your children
Please, worry no more
'Cause you raise them well
To become better people.
For this, I can say that
I'm your greatest fan 
And you're my greatest aunt.

Ghost Land
By: Alon Calinao Dy, BSN, RN, RM

Last night I had a dream.
In my dream, 
I saw a beautiful place
That everyone wanted to live.
It appeared to me
This 'White Lady'
Who was very pretty.
I was around the corner
When I saw her stunning beauty
As if inviting me to go with her
With a little doubt or whatsoever, 
I followed her.
As we walked through the stairs, 
I could see happy people
Welcoming me with smiles.
Yet when I started to ask her, 
Things have changed.
She disappeared.
She never said a word.
I saw the whole place, 
As it was a land of the ghosts
And images of people long gone.
I got scared.
I've never felt like this before
As I never expected, 
I've reached this dreary place.
Never in my whole life, 
I've seen a ghost.
So I ask myself why
Would I be afraid of a spirit? 
However, I believe
They are out there.
Yes! Up to this moment, 
I am not sure.
What my dream is all about...? 
I try to figure it out
Somehow, I couldn't.
Now I just pray
That these people, 
May rest in peace
That was my story.
Hope you enjoyed it.