By Joshua Perry                   


Long days and swift nights.

They all pass by in a blur.

I sit and wait for the next day.

Where I know it will all be the same.

Stuck and lost in a total daze.

I’ve always picked the hard games.

Then I regress back to my old ways.

Being lost and impossible to be found.

They’re the only skills that I retain.

It’s been told since I was a child.

It’s left me nowhere to go.

By now I thought I would have learned.

These patterns that destroy my only home.

Of this it is no one’s concern.

I only wish to be gotten again.

Someone who understands my tears.

A person that can read my mind.

Once upon a time I had it in myself.

Knowing what I meant felt so good.

Now I seem to have lost myself.

Find my soul, only in you could.