By Laura Minning                  

m i   j a u l a   p e r s o n a l



Me siento captivo de mundo alrededor de mi

mientras yo miro por mi jaula y otras juelas

de la proteccion y limitacion alli

oigo los sonidos asombrosos de las sonrisas

y miro a las ojos pasados

de mi suerte y mi destino, tengo dudas.


Porque todas las personas no me acceptan

con una facinacion y ellos tienblan

me encarcelan,

sin consentimiento,

vivo una vida de liberatad,

eso es un sueno fundamental.



~laura minning

b y   t h e   b y



It feels like forever

since I have seen your smiling face.


And it feels like forever

since I have felt

the warmth of your embrace.


But I must admit

that I deserve

to have lost your longing gaze.


For I’ve wronged you,

and nothing I could ever do

could take that moment away.


But I humbly ask

for forgiveness

just the same.



~laura minning

ph a s i n g





Darkness coats the Earth

with sadness and despair.


As I walk alone

ever slowly,

end in no particular direction...


...Across a long runway

of cold, rickety board,


Whilst forced to submit

to the nails

that drive them.


(They lay stranded

in their resting places,

frozen in the midst

of their place in time.)




And heavy droplets of regret

soak up the salty residue,

from the emptiness

surrounding them.


They fall,

without hesitation,

onto the boards that dwell

beneath my own two feet.


What is their origin?

Did they emerge

from the boundless abyss,

that blankets the Earth

with sadness and despair?


Or were they born

to the depths of

the windows of my own soul?


Perhaps I will never know.




And I must consider the moonlight.


I seems to shimmer

across the arms

of the ocean, in residence,

beside me

(with its waves of knowledge

and its naked sandy floor).




And I am not tired:


I will not sleep in stillness,

upon my splintered mattress

of regrets

again tonight.


I must only gaze

upon the smooth boards

resting ahead.


Whilst refusing to glare

at the warped knots

that have been left to rot

behind me.




And now darkness has come to call,

with instinctive determination

and liberty.


But this time

it must retreat;

it must be the one to flee,

not me.


(While the moon

can’t help but to cry,

above me...always above me.)




And the sun doth awaken

to paint the nocturnal sky

with its spectral beauty.


As trails of happiness emerge,

to share their enamored smiles

with mine.


And I find myself

caught in the wake

they leave behind.




And as the sun

decides to run

toward a new horizon,


Beyond the arms

of the ocean blue

and its sand encrusted floor,


My newfound smile

doth pledge itself to me.



While the boards behind me

find themselves rather heavily weighted

with all that I have left behind.


And they surrender in anxt

to the depths

of their eternal resting places,

against the bosom

of the ocean floor.


~laura minning